How To Get A California CDL

Step-By-Step Guide How To Get CDL In California

Follow this guide to learn how to get a California CDL from start to finish from the DMV.

CDL Requirements

Review the California CDL Requirements section to determine if you will qualify for a CDL. Some of these requirements include a minimum age requirement, DOT physical requirements, and acceptable forms of identification and birth date documents.

CDL Permit

Obtain a CDL learner's permit by submitting the required documentation and passing the proper written tests for the type of California CDL you want to obtain. Review the California CDL permit section to learn more about the CDL permit process.

CDL Endorsements

Depending on the CDL endorsement you want to obtain, you can take the written endorsement test at the same time you take the required CDL permit tests. However, some endorsements will also require a driving test or a background check before the endorsement can be added to your CDL license. Consult the California CDL endorsements section for additional information.

CDL Skills Test

A CDL driving test must be passed in which the driver completes a 3-part exam that includes a pre-trip inspection test, basic control skills test, and driving test on a DMV-designated route. More details can be found on the California CDL skills test section.

CDL License Information

Additional information regarding the California CDL can be found on the Holding a California CDL section including details about renewing a CDL, upgrading a CDL and CDL restrictions.


California CDL Information

California CDL

Cost of California CDL: $66.00
California CDL Manual
CA DMV - Department of Motor Vehicles


California CDL Permit Tests

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California CDL Endorsement Tests

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California CDL Pre-Trip Inspection

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