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Steps to Obtaining Your California CDL

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Having attained a CDL Instruction Permit, Passed the Medical Examination, Passed the Knowledge Tests and Passed the General Skills Tests, the applicant can be issued with Commercial Driver’s License.

The CDL is available to any driver over the age of eighteen (18), but to work on interstate jobs the driver must be over twenty-one (21). Due to insurance guidelines many companies have a minimum age of twenty-three (23) for interstate transport jobs.

With regard to interstate work, it is worth noting that by federal law, no Commercial Driver can hold a license in more than one state. Furthermore that license must be held in the state in which they reside.

For this reason, before being issued with a CDL, the applicant must produce either two documents from this list.

  • Photo Identification or Drivers License
  • U.S. Birth Certificate
  • INS Documents, with Photo
  • Passport
  • Court Order
  • Military ID

In the event that only one item from the list above is available, an item from the list below may suffice.

  • School Photo ID
  • Vehicle Registration
  • Marriage License
  • Tax Return
  • Parent Affidavit

Once issued the CDL is valid for five years in California and can be renewed at California DMV offices at a cost of $39. For the same cost a CDL can be renewed online or by mail, but in the event that a vision test or law test is requested, contact should be made with a California DMV Office.


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California CDL

Cost of California CDL: $66.00
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