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Before eGears, getting cdl practice tests meant paying $20, $30 or even $60 to a website that would e-mail  a PDF or mail a photocopied list of multiple choice CDL test questions and answers. And these websites make claims such as “actual CDL test questions” and CDL practice tests that are “identical” to the state test you will take. The truth is, no one has the real CDL test questions. Don't believe the bull you might read on other websites. The eGears Online CDL Permit Training system is real CDL training for the CDL permit test. eGears teaches you the information from the CDL manual in an easy to understand format.

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The answer is simple. Practice tests encourage you to memorize the right answer choice even if you don't understand why it's the right answer. The real CDL test questions will be different. If all you do is memorize practice test answers, you won't be able to choose the correct answer on the real CDL test. The eGears Class A CDL Permit Training course is an online tool that TEACHES you the information. Here's what makes our CDL Permit training so successful:

Online Teaching – Our Interactive Classroom is a unique self-paced tutorial that walks you through each section of the CDL manual including General Knowledge, Air Brakes and Combination Vehicles.

CDL Practice Tests – The Knowledge Assessment area includes a scored CDL permit practice test for each of the 3 sections. You can know instantly if you are ready to take the real CDL permit test.

Additional Study Aids – We call them the Learning Resources, a fancy name for some easy-to-use study guides like interactive flashcards, printable "cheat sheets" for each of the tests, and an interactive glossary.