CDL Pre-Trip Inspection DVD For Class A

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CDL Pre-Trip Inspection DVD
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CDL Pre-Trip Inspection DVD

DVD demonstrates the complete CDL Pre-Trip Inspection on a Class A CDL Tractor-Trailer. The pre-trip inspection includes:

  • Full Exterior Inspection
  • Engine Compartment
  • In-Cab Inspection
  • 4-Point Brake Check

How To Do A Pre-Trip Inspection

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The Class A CDL pre-trip inspection is crucial step for passing the CDL skills test. The pre-trip can also be one of the toughest areas that drivers struggle with the most. Failing the pre-trip inspection not only means you won't be getting your CDL right away, but you're also going to waste your time and your money. The CDL skills test often costs $100 (or more depending on your state) each time you attempt the test. Here's best kept secret for how to pass the CDL skills test - learn how to pass the CDL pre-trip inspection exam! Don't guess on the pre-trip, that's the quickest way to fail a CDL test.

You can know you’re ready for the pre-trip inspection by when you use the eGears Pre-Trip Inspection DVD training. Watch a complete pre-trip inspection tutorial developed by certified CDL examiners with helpful on-screen hints and advice for how to check the condition of each item. This high quality DVD training moves item by item through an entire pre-trip inspection on a tractor-trailer.

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