How To Perform A Pre-Trip Inspection For Class A CDL Test

The Class A Pre-Trip Inspection made simple with video training.

See an extended preview of the pre trip inspection DVD training for the Class A CDL offered by eGears and learn how to perform a pre trip inspection on a class A semi. Pass your pre-trip inspection test the first time and save money!

On this DVD, watch as CDL Instructor Phil moves item by item through the entire inspection of a Class A CDL semi demonstrating the techniques to perform a pre trip inspection including the 4-point brake check. eGears makes learning the pre trip inspection easier. View the entire inspection from the front of the cab to the rear of the trailer and all points in between, including the four point brake check. Or just review an individual section from the easy to use DVD menus. Phil describes the inspection of each item, onscreen tips help you learn the information quickly and easily, and high quality video assures you can view every detail. Watch the DVD as many times as you need and skip to sections you need the most review.

The pre trip inspection demonstration is based on federal guidelines from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Act and the Commercial Driver's License manual. Every item or inspection point is highlighted.

The CDL Pre Trip Inspection was written and developed by trucking industry training experts. Certified CDL examiners helped develop and direct the inspection demonstration. This pre trip inspection video covers all points of the CDL pre trip inspection and applies to all 50 states.

Need more help? Get the pre-trip inspection checklist, a paper you can print out and bring with you as your practice on your own outside a semi. Or bring the 4 point brake check guide with you in the cab for a reminder.