Learn How to Perform a School Bus Pre-Trip Inspection

School Bus Pre-Trip Inspection Video Makes Learning Easy

If you're ready to master the School Bus Pre-trip Inspection (class B CDL), check out our DVD video training. Watch CDL Instructor Phil Tandem guide viewers through a complete demonstration of the entire CDL pre-trip on both a type C (conventional) and type D (diesel pusher) school bus. The inspection includes all items from the front to the rear and the four point brake check. Once you buy the DVD, you can use it over and over for all your pre-trip training needs. The School Bus Pre-Trip DVD is a great learning tool and works well paired with existing CDL training. Trainees can watch the DVD from beginning to end, or skip to parts for review.The DVD is simple to operate, easy to understand, and will help you pass your test.

Whether you're trying to get your Class B CDL and drive a school bus, or you run the transportation department in a school district, this DVD will help make your training easier and help you pass the school bus pre-trip inspection the first time.

Theschool bus inspection DVD includes the exterior, interior and engine inspections as well as the four point brake check. Instructor Phil guides you through the high quality video inspection while on-screen tips give more information.

Save time, save money, and increase safety in your school district's fleet of bus drivers. Order the CDL Pre-Trip DVD today and receive free standard shipping.

The school bus pre trip inspection DVD was developed with certified CDL examiners. Training experts oversaw the demonstration to ensure DOT guidelines were met. The pre-trip inspection demonstration covers all points of the CDL pre-trip inspection and applies to all 50 states. The DVD is based on guidelines from the FMCSA and CDL manual.