Pass School Bus CDL Pre-Trip Inspection Test - Online Video

Watch a pre-trip inspection video on a conventional school bus.

The eGears School Bus Pre-Trip Inspection video course is an easy to use guide to performing the pre-trip inspection portion of the CDL skills test on a conventional model school bus (Type C). The video course walks you thru the complete inspection process and identifies each item of the pre-trip. This training course uses high quality video and on-screen tips to reinforce the material. Watch CDL Instructor Phil as he walks you through the entire inspection or just jump to the individual section you need to review.

Why waste any of your time and money on failed CDL skills tests and pre-trip inspections when you can study with eGears and know when you're ready to pass?

And here's the best part: this video training is entirely online. You watch it all from your computer, just like you are watching this. There's nothing to download or install. Sign up for a subscription and get instant access. You can watch the video from any internet-connected computer at your own pace and on your own schedule. View the video as many times as you need. Your subscription lasts for thirty days, and when it's finished, there's no need to unsubscribe or cancel, you won't be charged again unless YOU purchase more training. Using eGears online video training for the school bus pre-trip inspection is as simple as clicking a mouse.

Give eGears video training a try and get started right now. You could be training for your school bus pre-trip inspection in moments!

The school bus pre-trip inspection demonstration was developed with CDL examiners and CDL experts. It was designed to follow Federal Motor Carrier guidelines and the CDL manual. It covers all points of the inspection on a type C school bus and applies to all 50 states. Need additional training? Why not try our 4 point brake check guide or school bus pre-trip inspection checklist? Purchase, print instantly, and bring them along while you practice on a bus.