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With their CDL instruction permit in hand and confident of passing the medical examination, the applicant should look to fulfilling the knowledge tests relevant to their intended driving. In Florida, with the exception of the General Knowledge Test, these tests are purpose specific and are taken on the basis of the license and endorsements required.

All applicants are required to complete the General Knowledge Test.

Other knowledge tests include:

The Passenger Transport Test Bus Drivers
Hazardous Materials Test Drivers intending to haul hazardous materials or waste in amounts requiring placarding.

  • This exam cannot be aided by the use of an interpreter and must be completed in English.
  • The Hazmat endorsement is a special area where endorsements from Canada or other US states cannot be reciprocated. A new test must be passed and all relevant background checks carried out anew.
The Tanker Test Drivers intending to haul bulk liquids.
The Combination Vehicles Test Drivers intending to drive combination vehicles
The Doubles or Triples Test Drivers intending to haul double or triple trailers respectively.
The Air Brakes Test Drivers intending to drive vehicles with Air Brakes

Other purpose specific tests may apply and this is another instance of the driver anticipating the path ahead and making relevant enquiries to ascertain the tests that they need to undertake. It is highly probable that drivers will need multiple endorsements and will need to complete more than one Knowledge Test in addition to the General Knowledge Test.

In Florida, these examinations can be taken at FLHSMV offices. The General Knowledge Test carries a cost of approximately $50 and the other endorsement tests cost approximately $10 each. The times and locations relevant to specific areas are available at:


In order to pass these tests, the candidate must achieve a score of at least 85%. As with the CDL Instruction Permit this level of expertise is demanded to ensure the safety of all road users and the professionalism of the CDL Driver.

eGears offers online HazMat Endorsement training that covers the entire Hazardous Materials section of the CDL Manual.


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