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The most important skill any driver must have is that of anticipation. An awareness of the environment, the movement or intended movement of other vehicles and the potential hazards that can arise is imperative for a professional driver. This begins for the prospective CDL driver even before they approach the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles(FLHSMV) Office. A major requirement that must be met before a CDL can be issued is a medical examination and there is good sense in addressing this before going through the process of knowledge testing and skills examinations.

If there is any doubt about passing the medical exam, then this should be addressed prior to continuing to pursue a CDL. While this is a thorough examination, the most common elements of concern are a satisfactory standard of hearing, 20/40 vision (with or without corrective lenses), a 70-degree field of vision in each eye and proof that the applicant can distinguish the colors red, green and amber.

However, it is important to view the whole form as other matters that can lead to exclusion from a CDL will be assessed and applicants should be aware of them prior to examination. The form for this examination is available online at:


There is no point progressing through the process only to be denied by a medical examination, so it is worth either passing the medical exam in the earlier stages or at least checking the areas that will be assessed to be sure that it will not present a problem.

All licensed Commercial Drivers will be required to pass a similar examination every two years to maintain their License.

Should a CDL Driver from another state or Canada take up residence in Florida, the FLHSMV is prepared to provide a reciprocal license on the understanding that the driver has taken up permanent residence.

Once the applicant is comfortable with the CDL requirements, he or she can proceed with obtaining a Florida CDL permit. Learn more about how to get th a permit on the next page.


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