Here’s Your Hawaii CDL Manual

Download a PDF copy of the Hawaii CDL manual.

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Download the Hawaii CDL manual. Just click the green button and save the manual PDF to your computer or print out a copy.

Here's some more information about getting a CDL in Hawaii (HI).

CDL Permit Tests

The Hawaii Motor Vehicle Safety Office oversee and administers the written CDL permits and endorsement tests. The cost of a permit in Hawaii is $30. The number of written tests (knowledge tests) you must pass to receive a permit depends on the type of CDL you wish to obtain.

To get a CDL permit you must first pass the following written tests:

  General Knowledge Air Brakes Combination Vehicles
Class A CDL Test Required Test Required Test Required
Class B CDL Test Required Test Required  

The test fee for General Knowledge is $15 and all other knowledge (air brakes, combination vehicles) and endorsement tests (hazmat, tank, doubles/triples) are $5 each.

Hawaii CDL Skills Test

The driving test for the CDL, known as the ‘skills test,’ has a fee of $50 payable when the test is scheduled. This test includes the pre-trip inspection, basic skills control and road driving. All three portions of the skills test must be passed at the same appointment.

Once you’ve passed the skills test, Hawaii will issue the CDL license for $40.

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