How To Get Indiana CDL

Guide To Getting A CDL In Indiana

How to get Indiana CDL with a complete step-by-step guide to obtaining the commercial driver's license. First, learn about the driver license regulations to ensure you qualify to hold a commercial license including the medical exam and drug screening. The next step is pass the written exams to obtain the IN CDL permit at an IN BMV office. Most endorsements require a written test as well. The HazMat endorsement includes more stringent requirements and a background check. Once you've practiced driving skills, take the skills test to obtain a commercial driver license from Indiana. The 3-part skills exam include a pre-trip inspection, basic vehicle control exercises, and on-road driving test. Complete these steps and return to the BMV to get your official CDL license.

See Step-By-Step Process For The Indiana CDL:

Requirements For Indiana CDL

For starters, you should review the Requirements of the CDL to determine if you will qualify to hold a commercial driver license. CDL requirements could include a minimum age, and DOT physical exam and disqualifiers for an Indiana CDL.

CDL Permit & Written Tests

To get a CDL permit in Indiana, you must pass the written tests for the type of CDL you want. Review the CDL Permit & Written Tests page to learn more about getting a CDL permit.

CDL Endorsements

Depending on the endorsements for the CDL you wish to obtain, a written test for each endorsement must be taken. However, some CDL endorsements may also require a background check before the endorsement can be added. Consult the Indiana CDL Endorsements section for additional information.

Skills Test For Indiana CDL

A driving test for the CDL must be passed in which the driver completes a 3-part exam that includes a pre-trip inspection, basic control skills, and road driving. This test can be taken at either a state of Indiana CDL test site or state-approved 3rd party tester. More details can be found on the CDL Skills TestIndiana CDL skills test section.

Holding A CDL License

Information regarding a CDL in Indiana can be found on the Holding an Indiana CDL page including details about renewing a commercial driver's license, upgrades and more.


Indiana CDL Information

Indiana CDL

CDL Costs & Fees for Indiana:

CDL Permit: $16.00
Endorsements: $20
Skills Test: $100-$175
CDL: $30.00

Other References
Indiana CDL Manual
IN Bureau of Motor Vehicles


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