Indiana CDL Manual

Download of the Indiana CDL manual from the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV). The full manual covers topics including “how to get a CDL” with explanations on the requirements and testing. Inside the manual, you’ll find an explanation of the required physical examination (DOT medical card), alcohol testing polices and a list of offenses that could disqualify you from holding a commercial driver license.

The CDL manual from Indiana provides a chart to explain the different classes of CDLs and the sections to read/review for each class of CDL. The state uses a two-part process testing process for the Indiana CDL:

  • Written CDL Permit Tests
  • Pre-Trip Inspection & Skills Test

With the CDL manual for Indiana, written CDL permit tests cover the Knowledge sections, which discuss rules, regulations and safety procedures. The requirements for the Indiana CDL driving test are laid out in the Skills section.

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