CDL Practice Tests For Class A Permit

Online Class A CDL Permit Study Guide

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Real CDL Practice Tests - Over 230 Sample Test Questions

Get Immediate Access To The Class A CDL Permit Study Guide. No Software To Install!

Get access to the easiest & fastest way to study for the CDL test. The online CDL study guide makes studying for the CDL permit tests quick and simple. The CDL Permit Test course will guide you through each required section of the CDL manual with sample test questions, hints and more to help you obtain a CDL permit.

What's Included:

This CDL practice tests cover the CDL manual and the 3 written tests for the Class A CDL permit:

  • CDL General Knowledge Practice Tests & Tutorials
  • Air Brakes Sample Test & More
  • Combination Vehicle Practice CDL Test & Training

Video: How To Pass The CDL Permit Tests

Free CDL Practice Test Preview:

Take a peak inside our CDL Permit Study Guide offering sample test questions and answers along with helpful tips and explanations straight from the CDL manual.

General Knowledge Study Questions - Sample Screen

The study questions allows you to quickly study each section of the CDL manual; pulling out the most important information. If needed, you can always review the entire section of manual by clicking CDL manual link. The information is then reinforced by quizzing you and providing feedback allow the way.

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Air Brakes Online Practice Test - Sample Screen

After completing the study questions you can move on to the online practice test. You can take CDL practice test based on the same format and guidelines as the real CDL permit test.

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When you complete the sign-up process, you will have immediate access to all of the above classes and learning resources for 60 days.

eGears is more than just some generic multiple choice CDL test questions like you might see on a competitors site. Instead, eGears offers interactive feedback when you answer a question incorrectly to help you learn why you answered that question incorrectly. And this isn’t an online learning system that requires you to read the CDL manual before testing. eGears actually includes a “Key Fact” taken directly from the CDL manual in order to assist you with answering the question correctly.

Study For The CDL Permit Test On Your Schedule.

The eGears online CDL study guide and permit test preparation is available 24/7. Study any time. When you sign up, you'll get a full 60 days to review and study the CDL permit test course.

Use on Any Internet-Connected Computer

There's no special software to download and nothing to install. You can use the eGears online practice tests on computer with internet access. Simply log into with the user name and password you create during sign up.

Who Should Use eGears CDL Permit Test Training?

Anyone preparing to attend truck driving school should use eGears. Most schools expect you to arrive for training with your CDL permit or be prepared to take the written CDL permit tests. eGears makes the learning quick and simple. All you need is a computer with an internet connection. And because eGears is an online based system, you can log in and out as much as you need during your 60-day subscription period.

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CDL Practice Tests For Class A CDL Permit will guide you through the three sections of knowledge from the CDL Manual needed to pass the written permit tests.  The CDL practice tests covers the 3 sections for Class A CDL: General Knowledge, Air Brakes, and Combination Vehicle Endorsement.  Easy to use online study guide makes it quick and convenient to prepare for the CDL permit.



'A very good study tool!'

By: Jay Dub from Merrillville, In on 4/27/2014 6:56:41 AM
Many of the questions on the exams were exact, or very close to e-gears' practice questions. Remember that these practice exams are a SUPPLEMENT to your states' study manual. Make sure that you know all of the answers at the end of each section in your states' CDL manual. There will be questions on the test that can only be found by studying the CDL manual...


By: Derek from Indiana on 4/8/2014
Downloaded it on a Thursday night and passed general studies on Friday and air brakes and combination Saturday morning. Helped a lot! Better than reading the book!

'Exceptional Course'

By: Ed Slaughter from GA on 4/7/2014
This is an exceptionally well put together learning aid. Not only does it provide all relevant knowledge, it gives you the confidence needed to take the state exam.

'Super Easy to Use!'

By: michael gore from zachary la. on 4/7/2014
excellent training tool, easy to follow.

'Best Study Guide on the Market'

By: Ry Guy from Oxnard, CA on 3/28/2014 1:01:54 AM
This study guide was amazing! It was very easy to get through and with so many extra study material for all 3 tests, they covered everything! I passed my Class A test first time up for California, with flying colors. Definitely recommend to anyone trying to get their's.

'Best Investment I Could Ever Mak'

By: Steve from Indiana Permit Test on 3/27/2014 5:21:49 AM
The information was easy to follow. I studied and prepared for 1 week (wish I had more time) then went to school. Within 3 days of class, we took the test and I was one of 7 out of 25 that passed. I could not have done it without you resources. Thank you!

'A Must Purchase'

By: Tony from Cleveland, Ohio on 2/11/2014
Purchased the study guide on January 30th. Passed on the CDL test on the 6th of February. No prior studying, definitely a must if your looking to obtain your CDL quick.

'A great help'

By: James from Springfield, MA on 2/6/2014
This product help me pass the written test in one try.

'Fantastic! Seriously, it's incredible.'

By: Julia from Houston, TX on 1/11/2014
This course takes you through the course step by step. If you answer incorrectly, you are able to review the section which helps you learn the material. I recommend this course to any wanting to get their CDL.

'Best Resource Available'

By: wow from IN on 12/28/2013
I used it and studied all night and next day took all 3 and passed on the first time.

'great results'

By: Chris F. from Latexo, Tx on 12/21/2013
Passed with a 90% on 4 different class A tests, it only took 2 days of study time with this program.

'Class B CDL Permit Course'

By: Dave from Maple Grove, MN on 12/20/2013
THIS is the only way to study for the CDL permit test. I passed the test very easy the first time.

'Best Way To Prepare For My New Profession'

By: Da Transporter from Chicago, IL on 12/15/2013
Hands down, it's the best preparatory tool for me.

'Awesome Course'

By: Dakota from Denham springs, la on 12/5/2013
This program cuts straight to the stuff you need to know. You can work on it anytime and if shows you in the CDL manual where the question and answers are. Highly recommended...

'Passed with a 90%'

By: This is the real deal; it works! from Ventura, California on 11/24/2013
I took the general knowledge portion for California on Novemeber 22, 2013. Many of the questions were the same questions that were on the practice test so I remembered. I got a 90% on the test thanks to e-Gears.

'I'd Recommend It'

By: Mark from Oklahoma City on 11/21/2013
A+ product

'Very Helpful Course'

By: mrwillbtrd from NY, NY on 11/7/2013

'Very Gooooooood'

By: Mario Robles from Charlotte NC on 11/3/2013
I can't recommend this course enough. If you're looking to get a CDL, this if for you!

'Pass your CDL permit test Fast !'

By: Josh Grudier from Cambridge , Ohio on 10/5/2013
Great product ! I went through the class portion of each course and then the tests, passed all of them the first time through. Later the same night I took the tests for each portion again and passed, missing only 5 questions total. Got up the next morning and took the tests for a third time, just to be sure I had retained the information. Easily passed all portions again. I immediately went to the BMV and passed all sections on the first attempt ! I would highly recommend this learning tool ! It summarizes all of the information in the CDL training manual and gives you just the information you need !

'Good CDL Practice Test For Sure'

By: Job Seeker from Greensboro, NC on 10/3/2013
I thought the course was user-friendly and engaging.

'So Much Easier'

By: Bryan from New Orleans on 9/3/2013
This really makes things much easier than leafing through that big manual.

'Thanks So Much!'

By: Cynthia from Texas on 8/18/2013
Thank you so much. This is so much better the the free online resources. This is so much more detail and its well worth the money. thank you so much!

'After Failing 2 Times, eGears Helped Me the 3rd'

By: Mark from Newnan, Ga on 8/16/2013
After failing my general knowledge test two times. I was confused and I didn’t know what way to go. I would go take my practice test and I would do well on them, but when it came to the rest test I would come up short. Well I found egears and I follow the program for two straight weeks and came out on top making a 94 on my test. I want to say Thank you for having a program help me out when I was lost.

'The Permit Test'

By: K. Armstead from Minneapolis ,MN on 8/13/2013
egears is a good source and a wealth of options that will get you ready to pass your exam .

'cdl permit test'

By: Israel Antonio Ramirez from Fennville , Michigan on 8/6/2013
this course was worth the money,I tried the cdl handbook that was boring. After my online course I pass the state test, I am so happy

'Very Very useful in geting your CDL...'

By: James from Indiana, Pa on 8/3/2013
I am a very wary person when it comes to these kind of programs. However, I needed a CDL quick for a job offer I received. I found e-gears and checked their BBB rating. I started my studying on Thursday, 8/1/13. On Saturday, 8/3/13, I passed my CDL permit test Basically, if you read the book once, skimming like I did, then go through this program. Pin points what you need to know, and help a lot with the CDL permit test.

'Excelent Training Program'

By: Chris from Branson, MO on 7/25/2013
The program is very friendly and easy to use. You can study important information that they have extracted for you and answer the questions over and over till you feel confident. Then, you can do the practice tests for the different sections till you feel ready to take the actual test.

'Great Course'

By: Ashley T. from Sarasota on 7/16/2013
It really helped me obtain my CDL's

'First time pass!'

By: Jeff from Bloomington, IN on 7/15/2013 1:37:04 PM
I just wanted to know what the test would look like when I went to the BMV. I took two hours to work through the classrooms excercises on Friday night and passed the Class A written Permit test no problem Saturday morning. Definitely worth the money. I was so pleased with the preparation provided, I just paid for the pre-trip online video series as well. Best of luck to you!

'EGears is great!'

By: Ken from Detroit , Mi on 7/1/2013
Good products , get on board today !

'Excellent way to study '

By: NCbuilder from Rocky Mount, N.C. on 6/1/2013
A great way to study and get prepared for the tests that you will have to take. Lots of information and different online tools to help you pass the CDL test.

'Super program !!'

By: Jason from Muncie on 5/31/2013
I studied for about 3 weeks taking the assessments several times and reviewed course materials. I passes General, Air Brake, and Combination test on first try.

'great product'

By: edward from philadelphia on 5/2/2013
There's no better way to prepare yourself for a cdl permit test other than egears, thanks alot!

'Bill Farley review'

By: Bill Farley from Norman, OK. on 3/13/2013
I was studying the book when I saw this via Google and I have never looked back - I am learning faster and absorbing real life questions like I could have never done reading the 140 page book. This is a great vehicle and I would highly recommend this to anyone pursuing a CDL certification

'Jerry's CDL'

By: jerry from Utah on 1/27/2013
just started but to this point clear and easy to follow!


By: BKLYNCHICO22 from BROOKLYN, NY on 1/16/2013


By: Dorothy Wallace from Marietta, GA. on 1/5/2013
Great course you have here!

'It Flat Out Works'

By: Mike from Bronx, NY on 12/13/2012
I took the permit test two days after subscribing with e-gears and passed the first try it is worth the $15

'class a cdl permit'

By: anjhii from St. Louis, MO. on 11/10/2012
eGears is the bomb! I studied my CDL guide 1 good time, was kind of confused with some of the information, felt very overwhelmed! Alot of information in a very short amount of time, that I was not familiar with. eGears made everything so much easier to understand. I got my CDL permit yesterday 11-9-2012, YAYYYYYY!!!!!! I tested with eGears maybe 7 times, within 2 days.I took all 3 parts of the cdl permit test Thurs. Passed general knowledge and air brakes Thurs. and retook combination vehicles Fri. and passed. I'm sooooo thankful and happy. Egears made it alot easier then what I ever imagined it to be. Will continue with eGears and will highly recommened eGears! Thank you so much eGears! You Rock!!! Soon to be 18 wheeler driver! Yayyyyy!!!


By: 4020boy from Chicago, IL on 10/18/2012
The eGears written test preparation course enabled me to pass all three portions of the exam on the first attempt. In fact, I only had one incorrect answer on the entire test! I will be looking for more training material for the Pretrip inspection in the near future. I highly recommend this study program.

'The Bomb'

By: The bomb from Laurinburg,n.c. on 10/17/2012
eGears is the real deal.I took the practice test two or three times.Passed all three parts of the CDL.The bomb!

'Much Needed Help'

By: Michael from Florida on 10/5/2012
I was trying to use the free online tests, and the CDL handbook to get this done. Well, I literally had all the information I needed with the handbook, however it was sinking in. Using the tools provided here: I was able to advance fairly quickly in my knowledge. I am confident that I will ace the CDL written test. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to learn quickly, and wants to get it right the first time.


By: tim from seattle on 9/30/2012

'it did work'

By: Antonio hernandez from Colton ca on 9/14/2012 3:24:50 PM
Ok pass my test in the second try it did help me alot but I recomend to read the hand book to becouse they ask u the question in a diferent whay.thanks I recomend this product to any one

'it did work'

By: Antonio hernandez from Colton CA on 9/14/2012
Ok pass my test in the second try it did help me a lot but I recommend to read the hand book to because they ask u the question in a different way. thanks I recommend this product to any one

'Best permit test ever'

By: Cdl permit test from Colton ca on 9/8/2012 1:21:07 PM
With in two days pass all tree courses thanks

'Awesome study aid'

By: Passed on the first time from new york on 9/8/2012 1:11:50 PM
I purchased this program to help me pass my general knowledge and airbrake endorsement worked like a charm after studying for a week I passed both test on the first time.....great great program

'Hazmat and class a permit'

By: Big Rig Lew from Carson, CA on 9/4/2012 12:58:38 AM
This online program really helped me pass all the test that I needed. I will recommend this to anyone who wants to get their license. There were many question that were similar to the actual DMV test. If you don't understand the small passage there is an option to have a aman read it to you. The only negative is thattheydonotoffer tests for the other endorsements such as tankers and doubles/triples. I would for sure purchase those study guides if they were available.

'cdl course'

By: Tim Williamson from Three Rivers TX on 8/23/2012 6:02:12 PM
Its good if I can get back in the test.

'General Knowledge Class "A"'

By: Mervin E Hill from Ephrara, Pa. on 8/7/2012

'A good way to prepare for the test'

By: Sam from Oklahoma City on 7/27/2012
There were a few questions on the test that weren't in here, but overall, most of the material was covered. Definitely enough to get you a passing score. And in my opinion, it's way better than trying to read the whole manual. With this, at least you get a feel for stuff that will actually be on the test.


By: Marcus from California on 7/21/2012
I would deffenitly recamend this program, I knew nothing at all about truck driving, until I used this to study, I got my permit with in two days of using this program, I'm very satisfied and vary happy!!! Get this program!!! For real!

'Passed First Time'

By: Ernie B from Raleigh, NC on 7/12/2012
I JUST walked in from the NC DMV and passed my permit test on my first try. While the questions on the test for the most part were quite different than what I saw on E-Gears, the knowledge I picked up from going through the course versus reading the manual given to me by the State, seemed to do the trick. Occasionally even got an almost exact question so would feel some relief. I would recommend this course to anyone. The only thing I would tell anyone is to not ignore the manual all together and take the time to review sections that confuse you some.

'Class A CDL'

By: Seth from Collinsville Alabama on 7/7/2012
I took the challenge of trying this course because I'm not real confident when testing. So I signed up studied by taking all 3 test and passing about 10 times each. Went on the 5th of July and passed all 3 test in about 30 min. and didn't miss a single question. Thanks so much to all who made this possible. Thanks again and GOD BLESS

'Got Me Through the Air Brakes Test'

By: PASSED! from Colorado Springs, CO on 6/29/2012
The air brakes test gave me the biggest challenge and this program helped me pass the test the day I purchased it!

'Did the job!'

By: STEVE from Utah on 6/22/2012 11:19:27 AM
I spent 2 days checking various company help programs and decided on E-Gears. Bought it Thursday night and took and passed the test Monday Afternoon!

'Great Job eGears'

By: Daniel C. from Kansas City, KS on 6/16/2012
Ok...let me start by saying that I learned about this website when I was considering employment by one of the National Trucking Companies. Even though I did not go work for that company, the opportunity to go work for a company that required me to have a CDL. I paid for the course and studied only for 2 days. (About 6hrs). I passed the General Knowledge on first try. Second test I took was the Combo Vehicles. I admit that even though it was only 20 questions it took me 2 tries to pass it. I contribute this more to fatigue for being in line 6 hrs at DMV! I saved hundreds if not thousands compared to any other method that I could find!!!! Thanks eGEAR !!!!!!


By: Wayne from Georgia on 5/25/2012
I studied all the sections including the flash cards and took the tests at least 10 times each. I went to the Georgia DMV and took the written test for my class A permit and I passed on the first try. The test was hard but I had gained enough knowledge through the eGears to pass the test. It was well worth the money and time I spent. Thank You eGears.

'Would not have passed without this course...THX'

By: Gary from Phoenix, Arizona on 5/24/2012
This course was awesome for me.I just got my CDL permit yesterday and this course made it possible. Thanks!

'Thank You Very Much'

By: Ron from Las Vegas, Nevada on 5/24/2012
This was a great course it prepares you to get your CDL and take the test at the DMV.

'Passed on the First Try'

By: Thank you e-gears! from Atlanta, GA on 4/20/2012
I relied probably about 98% on the e-gears material and 2% on the manual. I really don't think I could have done it without e-gears. I made 86 on general knowledge, 88 on air brakes, and 90 on combination vehicles. THANK YOU e-gears!

'CDL Manual Not Enough'

By: Tom Isenhart from Tacoma WA on 4/12/2012
Very good system for learning. Just reading the manual was not enough for me.

'Best CDL Test Prep'

By: Jorge C. from Compton, CA on 3/16/2012
This is the best test prep I've seen. I only study this test prep for 2 days 4 hours a day and i pass my general knowledge, air brakes and combination with a 98% thanks a lot eGears!

'learner- to be'

By: learner-to be from winona mn. on 3/14/2012
very detailed and complete, I was very impressed with the whole program

'CDL Test Prep'

By: Jim Lattimore from Fort Worth, Texas on 3/9/2012
I find the eGears material very easy to use and understand. I have been working with the DPS published study guide and the eGears material seems to be right on track.

'Great Course'

By: Jason from Albany, OR on 3/8/2012
Just took my general knowledge, air breaks and combination tests at the local DMV. I passed all three within about 30 mins. I studied the eGears program and my state manual. The eGears course helped me greatly. The way it is set up helped me to obtain the knowledge I needed better than just reading through the manual. I will be using eGears for my other endorsements also. Highly recommend eGears.

'General Knowledge and Air Brakes'

By: Aisha from Baytown, Texas on 3/5/2012
100% helpful..Thank you so much e-gears

'Great Web CDL Training'

By: Scott from Pheonix,AZ on 2/21/2012
The best money I've ever spent passed all three tests first time with 90% or above!!!! Thank you E gears


By: Clyde from Denver,CO on 2/10/2012
This is the best study site around I tried the Colorado study site and didnt pass. I used this site and passed the first time.

'Thank You Guys for a Great Service'

By: El Kinkin from Boston, Massachusetts on 1/26/2012
Hands down the best place to prepare you for your CDL permit after a few day of studying pass the test with no problem thanks you guys for a great service.

'Worth the money!'

By: Toby from Okc, OK on 12/14/2011
I bought this training info Saturday morning and studied over weekend and was able to pass CDL written exam on Monday!! Well worth money and didn't have to sit and read that huge CDL manual. Course covers highlights you need to pass test and not all the extra junk! Thanks e-gears!!!

'Great tool to help you pass your permit test!'

By: First time and done! from Springfield, MO on 11/14/2011
Got information from a technical school for a 5 week CDL class. Was told that if I had my permit, I could skip the first two weeks and save about $1200. Found eGears online and my less than $20 investment helped me pass my CDL tests on the first try. Most of what is covered on the easy to use format was on the written test. I suggest anyone looking at getting their CDL license, take the time and put your money on eGears!!

'This helps a lot'

By: Daniel Granados from Lone Jack ,MO on 10/26/2011
It helps out a lot and be sure to study hard I passed first try

'Easy 2 Learn'

By: Kiambo from NY, NEW YORK on 10/22/2011
The eGears program makes studying for the CDL test very simple!

'Thanks eGears'

By: stephen from rockmart,georgia on 10/16/2011
I found course very helpful. passed test first time out. If you are looking to get cdl i would recommend using egears. The site has some very good study aids ,site is very easy to use. very well worth the cost.

'CDL Permit Test Training -'

By: Guillermo from Ventura, CA on 10/3/2011
Just finished Class B test, had to take all three for Calif. Took all three at once and passed the first time. Studied one day with this course (yesterday)! WOW! Thanks eGears. Great price too!

'cdl prermit test training-class a'

By: Jason Arthur from Naples, Idaho on 9/13/2011
read book 1 and a half time. still scepatale (skeptical) so bought egears class. took class one day got permit the next day.very good course!

'Great Course'

By: joseph smith from sidney/mt on 9/6/2011
this product is by far the best to use when it come s to your CDL permits

'I Love eGears'

By: Moises from Miami FL on 8/20/2011
hey if there's one thing that i got to tell people is get online and go to EGEARS. you won't find a better online course that will help you on your CDL exam like this one. thank you eGEARS! i have passed my CDL EXAM!

'Used To Pass CDL Test For Alabama'

By: Joe C. from Mobile, AL on 8/6/2011
I was very unsure of this site at first. I took my CDL test and passed the first time. The test question were the same as the ones I studied. This is a great site and will pass it on in my company.

'Class A CDL Practice Test'

By: Mark from Oregon on 8/1/2011

'CDL Permit Training Course Review'

By: Frank Baran from Ridgeland, SC on 7/5/2011
The class A general knowledge, air brakes and combination (vehicles) course was a fantastic learning tool, better than I or the DMV personnel had expected, that is for sure. I passed all three tests in one sitting. There were only two questions that did not match what I studied. I will have to rate this a 9 because there is not a 9.8.

'Quick, easy, effective program'

By: OIX, Inc. Safety Director from Kansas City, MO on 6/4/2011
Loved this class. Easy to review. It helped me to be able to read the materials, but also have it read to me when I had a hard time understanding or remembering. eGears offers 2 ways to learn. I was able to pass my CDL test the first time through this course. I work with drivers everyday and they are excited and impressed that I am getting my CDL. I have recommended your program to our President and owner who was impressed that I would want my CDL, he now wants to get his to show support to our drivers. Thank you for a great tool!

'Very, Very Good.'

By: Mike from Kalamazoo MIi on 5/9/2011
The permit training course was very very good. It really helped me understand all there is to know about CDL training and truck driving. - Mike

'The best!!! '

By: Stephen from Indiana on 4/30/2011 8:03:07 PM
It is the best one out there hands down.

'A Great Study Tool'

By: JesusRocks from Stroudsburg, PA on 4/5/2011
eGears is the best study tool ever. Without eGears studying would have been a drag.

'CDL Training Class'

By: Jerome from Port Huron, MI on 3/12/2011
I have not started with trucking school yet. I am surprised at how fast I am learning and I actually find learning this way to be fun. When I do start truck driving school next week, I will not fall behind and get nervous from trying to learn. It has been the best $20.00 I have ever spent. WOW! If you are going to get a CDL - GET THIS CLASS!

'Helped me pass CDL test'

By: Tony Espanoza from Albany New York on 2/7/2011
I failed the cdl permit test twice before I signed up for your training. I used eGears for a week and then passed the three written tests for my class A CDL permit. I should have used eGears first!

'I passed the permit tests!'

By: John C. from Marietta, GA on 1/17/2011
Thanks! This was a great online prep course. I spent a week using eGears in the evening and aced all of the permit tests in one day!

'good tool'

By: don from new orleans on 8/9/2010
you still have to do your share of the work but this helps a great deal. much faster than studying the cdl manual.

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