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Pre-Trip Inspection Checklist

Pass The CDL Test With This Pre-Trip Checklist

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Checklist For Class A CDL Pre-Trip

Checking the Drive Wheels

eGears CDL Pre-Trip Inspection Checklist for the class A CDL is the perfect study aid companion to the eGears Pre-Trip Inspection DVD or Online Pre-Trip Inspection Course. It's also a great study aid by itself. Sometimes referred to as a "CDL Walk Around Inspection," it's an essential part of obtaining a CDL. With over 100 items to inspect, this checklist for the CDL Pre-Trip neatly organizes each item to help you easily learn how to pass the CDL test. The pre-trip checklist provides a complete list of the items to identify and conditions to look for during a CDL pre-trip inspection test. To get a commercial driver's license, you must be able to pass a CDL pre-trip inspection covering over 100 inspection points.

All inspection items & their conditions are included on this checklist. The complete study guide covers these 20 vehicle sections:

  • Front of Tractor
  • Engine Compartment
  • Front Wheel
  • Front Brakes
  • Front Suspension
  • Driver's Side
  • Back of Tractor Cab
  • Front of Trailer
  • Drive Wheels
  • Drive Brakes
  • Drive Suspension
  • Coupling System
  • Rear of Tractor
  • Side of Trailer
  • Trailer Wheels
  • Trailer Brakes
  • Trailer Suspension
  • Rear of Trailer
  • Passenger Side of Vehicle
  • In-Cab Inspection

This checklist covers over 100 inspection items. Each item includes a description of the item's condition.

Can you name every pre-trip inspection item?

Don't fail the CDL pre trip test, use this checklist to help you study!

The pre-trip inspection checklist is a PDF document file. After checkout, you will be able to instantly download or print the PDF file.

Acrobat Reader is required to view this file.

Product Details

Price: $4.95
Brand: eGears
Rating: 4.7 based on 32 reviews
Developed by: Tangent Point Media
The Pre-Trip Inspection Checklist for the Class A CDL is an organized list of pre-trip items that must be inspected during a CDL test.  This CDL pre-trip inspections checklist includes over 100 different inspection items and their conditions.  Before you fail a pre-trip Inspection test, get this easy-to-use guide to identify items  and conditions to look for during a pre-trip inspection for the CDL.



'eGears Is Great!'

By: New Road Warrior from Atlanta,Ga on 4/15/2014
I think eGears is a great site for anyone looking to obtain their cdl!!!

'Great Pre-Trip Resource'

By: Satisfied Customer from CT on 12/5/2013
Very easy to follow.

'Checklist Review'

By: Brad from Illinois/Indiana on 9/6/2013
We train most all of our drivers ourselves. I bought the checklist after a few failed on their first try. I really like the checklist and how it is laid out.

'Pre-Trip Inspection Checklis'

By: Robert from Chesapeake, Va on 7/3/2013
Outstanding Pre-Trip Checklist was helpful in me receiving a total score of 99 of possible 105 on my DMV Pre-Trip Inspection test

' Class A Pre-Trip Checklist.'

By: Brian from Goshen, IN on 6/11/2013
Good review in a clear format

'Great Guide for Class A CDL Pre Trip'

By: Eric from indianapolis,indiana on 6/1/2013
The way it's formatted is great because it has color and illustration of the part your looking for.

'Easiest web site to browse and download for printing'

By: Fidel from Tampa, Florida on 5/7/2013
This web site was the easiest that did not require a lot to do in order to download and print the test. thanks

'Great stuff '

By: Bryan from Daytona Beach Florida on 4/14/2013
Egears helped me pass my CDL Class A without reading those big long handbooks. Thank you eGears

'eGears and old lady trucker redo'

By: breaux from Lafayette, La on 3/8/2013
thank you egears for making your program user freindly.

'Driver trainer'

By: KSully from Boulder ,CO on 1/13/2013
Find program easy to use and understand. have used it to train drivers with a 99% pass rate. will be using more eGears programs in the near future.

'Well Worth It!'

By: Lisa from North Dakota on 11/6/2012
I have had this for just a few days, So far I am liking what e-gears has here. I have drove a Class A semi before, but dropped it, now 12 yrs later i am getting it back. I don't have a truck that I can practice my pretrip with, But with e-Gears, Its all coming back to me. This is well worth it if you want to get your CDL!

'Best Study Guide Out There...'

By: Iceman from va on 10/18/2012
it is the best study guide i have ever tried

'Pre Trip Review'

By: Jessica from Carlsbad , NM on 6/8/2012
It helped me a lot! I would recommend it to everyone.

'PTI RevieW'

By: Allan M. from Edmond, OK on 5/28/2012
This was a useful, concise listing of all checkpoints.

'Pre-Trip Inspection Checklist'

By: Gary Schmidt from Indian Wells, CA on 5/25/2012
Very helpful. I passed my DMV test for my pre trip and air brake system check. Thank You. Gary Schmidt

'Helpful Pretrip review'

By: Miesse from Dayton, OH on 2/28/2012
Very friendly review easy to read clean and organized

'Pre-Trip Inspection Checklist'

By: Lawyer from Hartselle, AL on 2/16/2012
Great checklist. Better than what the state provides.

'Excellent CDL Program'

By: Satisfied Customer from La Porte,I N on 12/15/2011
Excellent program. Much better than the CDL Manual manual. A couple of times through it and its embedded in your head. Highly recommend.....

'Great Reference'

By: APD from Atlanta, GA on 11/23/2011
great training aid, great daily checklist checklist for all drivers

'Class A CDL Pre Trip Inspection Checklist'

By: Craig from Cardington, Ohio on 11/6/2011
The pre trip inspection checklist is excellent. Having already been thru an actual pre trip inspection test at DMV I can only say studying for it would have been alot easier had I had to excellent study aid prior to taking the test.

'MVB Pre Trip'

By: MVB from Washington on 6/28/2011
Very clear and helps driver with quick understanding and importance of pretrip

'Excellent Study & Resource Tool'

By: Don from Lake Helen, FL on 6/2/2011
Highly recommend. Printed this document - laminated it - great source of use as a study tool and keep for future use as a resource.

'helped me memorize'

By: Ronaldo from Baton Rouge on 7/29/2010
Having this list in my hand while I practiced on a truck outside away from the computer helped me memorize the best order to do my pretrip.

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