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Full 'Class A' CDL Pre Trip Inspection For CDL Test

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Bestseller! How To Pass CDL Pre Trip Inspection Test
Online Pre Trip Demonstration Video - 60-Day Subscription - Instant Access

Semi Tractor Trailer

The eGears Online Class A Pre Trip Inspection Video teaches the proper way to complete a CDL pre trip inspection. Watch this video and you'll be prepared to pass the CDL test on the 1st try!

The class A pre-trip inspection video features a late model tractor-trailer combination vehicle. Don't risk wasting your time and money on a failed CDL test. This how-to video is the best way to study for the pre-trip inspection on a Class A vehicle.

How The Pre Trip Inspection Video Training Works:
eGears CDL Instructor Phil Tandem does a complete pre trip walk around routine on video and identifies every item that must be inspected to pass the CDL test. Helpful tips appear onscreen to point out items and conditions that must be mentioned to the CDL examiner.

Video: Free CDL Pre-Trip Inspection Online Video Preview

The video training covers all portions of the Class A Pre Trip Inspection including:

  • Tractor & Trailer Exterior
  • In-Cab
  • Engine Compartment
  • 4-Point Brake Check

Watch On Your Schedule
The CDL Pre-Trip Inspection video is online streaming video - you can watch it from any computer with internet access. When you complete your order, you will have instant access to the online video 24/7 for a full 60 days to watch and review as much as you like.

Get Instant Access To The CDL Pre Trip
The Pre Trip Inspection video is offered thru 60-day online subscription. For 60 days, you have 24 hour unlimited access to streaming video training material. An internet connection is required.

Please Note: This is an online CDL training video course for the pre trip inspection. The entire training course must be accessed online. This is not DVD. Click for information if you would like to purchase a CDL Pre Trip Inspection DVD.

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Brand: eGears
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Developed by: Tangent Point Media
Utilizing online video, this pre-trip inspection training will provide you with the skills and confidence to pass the CDL Pre Trip Inspection portion of the CDL skills test.



'Excellent Education'

By: Ed Slaughter from Georgia on 4/5/2014
This video is awesome! Very thorough and detailed in explanations of how to conduct a pre trip inspection,,recommend to anyone prepping for the test

'Great Instructional Video'

By: Kevin from Ohio on 7/20/2013
Very thorough providing you with the precise information you need to pass your pre-trip test with ease.

'20 yrs ago had a cd and decided to renew'

By: Robert Reichenberg from Saint Petersburg, Florida 33712 on 7/19/2013
Great Video for training. Passed My driving test last night at 6 p.m. Very well put together video. Remember to remember the Video and parts for the test. My instructor made me tell him all the parts. I passed (YA)... Video is great but you guys really need to make so works 100% in IE and Firefox. I had issues having to reload the page to make work.. So video or training gets a 10 while the hassles to view is a 8

'I made it the first time try !!!'

By: Robert from St. Louis, MO on 3/20/2013
After viewing many CDL pre-trip inspection videos on Youtube I found this one on eGears and it was by far the most helpful, I would recommend it to anyone trying to secure a class A CDL license.


By: Shaw from Carson on 1/22/2013
Excellent CDL study guide

'pre trip inspection'

By: clarence pinkard from lorain,oh on 10/14/2012
this video is so great I'm getting back into driving. Things I forgot this video has. It's great.

'cdl pretrip inspection'

By: Eric from Elkhart, IN on 8/2/2012
a good video

'Best Training Video'

By: James from Mount Gilead, OH on 6/26/2012
The CDL pre trip inspection video is very helpful points out pictures in full detail and the guy talking is very clear and easy to understand I wouldn't waste my time rating this if it wasn't worth the money.

'High Marks'

By: Robert J. Thomas from Seattle. WA on 5/23/2012
I studied the WA and UT CDL guide and also a Q/A on CDL exam questions but felt that something visual would help me in the learning process. Your videos were "spot on". Short, sweet and to the point and while I have 7 years of University work I really like short and simple. I also teach a lot of different topics so appreciate the videos in that respect. This was the last piece of education that I felt I needed. Am attending the CR England training on Tuesday May 29th and can pass the CDL Permit without their help as well. So I am now more than adequately prepared. Thank you. Very well done.


By: Clyde from Denver,CO on 4/6/2012
This video is great had no problem passing my pretrip. Worth the money


By: Glen from Rockville, Indiana on 3/24/2012
Having never been around a semi, I reviewed the video three times, and passed the pre trip inspection on the first try! The video was very well done.

'Well Done!'

By: Victoria Westbrook from Lauderhill,FL on 2/5/2012
This video is a must have if you are preparing for your cdl. It has helped me understand the pre-trip inspection so clearly. I love it!!!!!!!!!

'Very Helpful'

By: Suzanne from Franklinton, LA on 1/17/2012
The video is very clear and easy to understand. I also used the school bus pre-trip online video and it was great. I knew just what to do and was not nervous for instructor. Thanks so much!

'Very Helpful with CDL Pre-Trip Inspection'

By: cdl pre-trip customer from St. Louis, Mo on 12/16/2011
Great resource

'Good Visual Aid'

By: Ramz from Cincinnati on 9/7/2011 10:38:11 AM
Great visual aid, really helps to see it being done.

'Class A Pre-Trip Video Course Review'

By: Derrick Watson from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on 9/5/2011
I found this pre-trip video course to be very informative.

'Great CDL Pre-Trip Training Product!'

By: Doug Hill from Stanchfield, MN on 8/26/2011
I purchased the online video 2 days before the Pre Trip test and I passed! What else can I say.

'Best Pre-Trip Inspection Video'

By: 100% Great from Roswell, Georgia on 8/11/2011
I liked this pre-trip video very much.

'Outstanding CDL Training Material'

By: Jeff Jackson from Douglasville, GA on 7/14/2011
I took my CDL skills test today and passed with flying colors. My inspector stated she had been doing this for 7 years and I was the first to have a perfect pre-trip inspection. This product is highly recommended. I want to thank eGears for having this product available and commend them on a job well done with their video. Best wishes to all who are coming up on their testing.


By: Brian from Salt Lake City on 7/24/2010
I passed, thanks.


By: gary from jackson on 7/10/2010
liked it


By: Jack from Fort Worth on 6/27/2010
This is alot easier than trying to read and look at pictures, thank you.

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