Pre-Trip Inspection Study Guide & DVD

Watch & Learn The Class A CDL Pre Trip Inspection

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Class A CDL Pre-Trip Inspection DVD

Watch & Learn video teaches how to do a pre-trip inspection. Learn the skills to correctly perform a pre-trip inspection with this "Class A CDL Pre-Trip Inspection Demonstration DVD." Watch as the CDL driver moves item by item through an entire inspection of a Class A CDL tractor-trailer, demonstrating the techniques needed to perform a pre-trip inspection, including how to do the 4-point brake inspection. See the entire pre-trip inspection from the front of the cab to the rear of the trailer and all points in between. Or just review an individual section. eGears CDL instructor Phil Tandem describes the inspection of each item. Onscreen tips help you learn the information quickly and easily.

The pre-trip inspection demonstration is based on federal guidelines from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Act and the Commercial Driver's License manual. Every item or inspection point is highlighted and applies to every state. 

This CDL Pre-Trip DVD video demonstration covers all portions of the pre-trip inspection:

  • Tractor & Trailer Exterior Inspection
  • In-Cab Inspection
  • Engine Compartment Inspection
  • 4-Point Brake Check Demonstration

The entire CDL inspection is 42 minutes in length and covers all aspects of the pre-trip inspection in detail. Don't waste your time and money taking a CDL skills test until you've used this DVD. A major truck driver training company is using this DVD for CDL pre-trip inspection training in their classroom because it works!

Class A Pre-Trip Inspection Study Guide

The pre-trip inspection study guide combines 3 of our best selling products (pre-trip inspection identification guide, pre-trip inspection checklist and 4 point brake check) into 1 perfect companion for the DVD.   Using both the pre-trip study guide and the DVD together will make mastering the pre-trip portion of the CDL skills test a breeze.

The pre-trip inspection study guide includes:

  • Full color photos of every item that needs to be identified during the pre-trip inspection
  • Complete checklist guide covering all items and their conditions that must be inspected
  • 4 point brake check instructions explaining all procedures that must be done during the CDL Skills test

No one understands CDL tests better than eGears. We’ve worked alongside CDL examiners and truck driving training instructors to ensure our Class A CDL Pre-Trip Inspection DVD and pre-trip study guide are the most comprehensive learning resources on the planet.  With access to high quality photos and detailed checklists that perfectly accompany the DVD, this bundle creates just the studying advantage every driver needs to pass the CDL test on the first try!

What are you waiting for?  Order the Pre-Trip Inspection bundle to have both the Class A pretrip DVD and study guide shipped for FREE right to your door. 

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Class A CDL Pre-Trip Inspection DVD Study Pack will help you master the CDL pre-trip. This eGears study pack includes the Pre-Trip Inspection DVD & full color printed CDL pre-trip study guide with photos and checklists. 


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