HazMat Endorsement Training

Hazardous Materials CDL Endorsement Test Prep

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Online Training for HazMat Endorsement Test

HazMat Endorsement Training The Quicker & Easier Way. Be Ready To Pass The HazMat Test. No software to install.

If you need to add the Hazardous Materials endorsement to your CDL, this online training course will quickly prepare you to pass the written HazMat test.  The simple to use online training teaches you how to pass the Hazardous Materials endorsement test. If you can click a mouse, you can learn. eGears offers the most advanced online learning system available for the HazMat CDL endorsement test. This online training course makes learning the Hazardous Materials information from the CDL manual quick and simple. The entire HazMat section of the CDL manual is covered in an easy-to-understand format. Complete the training program at your own pace and on your own schedule – from any internet-connected computer.

What's Included:

This easy to use online training program breaks down the HazMat endorsement including 3 interactive learning modules:

  • Interactive Classroomfully tutorial training with multimedia learning aids
  • Knowledge Assessmentgrade your knowledge with practice scored HazMat endorsement tests

  • Learning Resourcesinteractive study aids help you remember the details

Complete the quick sign-up process for immediate access to the online HazMat endorsement training course for 60 days.

Better Hazardous Materials Endorsement Test Training - our innovative training is more than just generic HazMat practice test questions. Experience the eGears Difference: interactive feedback when you answer a question incorrectly to help you learn why your selected answer is incorrect. This isn’t an online learning system that requires you to read the CDL manual before testing. Each question includes a “Key Fact” taken directly from the CDL manual to assist you with answering the HazMat test question correctly.  We've even included a link for each question to the specific section of the CDL manual. There's no need to struggle through the manual to find a test answer. Using the eGears HazMat Endorsement training, you'll be ready to pass the Hazardous Materials written test and get your CDL HazMat endorsement sooner.

Complete The HazMat Training When It's Convenient For You.

The eGears online CDL permit training system is available 24/7. Your online subscription gives you a full 60 days to review and study the HazMat training course.

Use On Any Internet-Connected Computer

Complete the sign-up process to activate your account and start training for the HazMat test. There's no special software to download and nothing to install. You can use the HazMat online training system on any internet-connected computer. All that you need is your user name and password to access your online eGears account.

Who Should Use The Online HazMat Endorsement Training?

Any CDL driver needing to obtain the HazMat CDL endorsement. eGears makes the learning quick and simple. The Department of Homeland Security has made the process of obtaining a HazMat CDL endorsement more difficult and time-consuming. Save time and money by using the online Hazmat training and pass the HazMat written test the first time you take it. All you need is a computer with an internet connection. Because eGears is an online training course, you can log in as much as you need during the 60-day subscription period.

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HazMat Endorsement training  will guide you through the Hazardous Materials Endorsement section of the CDL manual. The easy-to-use online training makes it quick and convenient to study for the HazMat Endorsement. Once you complete the online training course, you'll be prepared to take the HazMat test at the DMV.



'The Way To Go'

By: Larry Cirkus from Derby ,CT on 4/11/2014
It's better than the DMV manual when it comes to studying for the HazMat

'Overall A Great Program'

By: Jacmar from Ft. lauderdale on 3/31/2014
Really happy with my HazMat and CDL license courses. The courses are as good as being in the classroom. I highly recommend it to anyone who is trying to get there CDL license.

'I Passed'

By: Jim from OKC, OK on 3/25/2014
I used your course for my hazmat review. Having access to it for 60 days was awesome, I could practice and not feel rushed. Let me just say, I PASSED!!!! Thank you for your program!!


By: Bobby G from Ballston Lake / NY on 1/7/2014
The online course certainly was more help than my DMV Manual. After studying for a few days online I passed my HazMat Endorsement test the first try. You still need to study the tables in the book.

'Hazmat Training'

By: Freddy from Reno, NV on 12/17/2013
The hazmat training is easy to follow and straight forward. It introduces the subject and reinforces it with a targeted question. Read the manual pages that is covering, do the questions, do the practice tests and pass the state exam. Very easy.

'HazMat Endorsement Training'

By: Hazmat Endorsement from Denver, CO on 12/15/2013
This Is A Great Course - Thanks

'Legitimate online course, great price'

By: Mark from Oklahoma City on 11/16/2013
Legitimate online course, great price, I certainly would recommend it. The material comes straight from the manual. Highly recommended, absolutely worth price for me.

'HazMat Endorsement Training'

By: Arnold from Lytle, TX on 11/6/2013
Really helped, passed first time.

'I Did It!'

By: Dave Dimond from New York on 8/23/2013
Excellent tool,received one day, crammed the information, took the test next day and passed first time!

'HazMat Review'

By: Chris from Branson, MO on 8/19/2013
I am very thankful for the training program. I do not believe I could passed the test without it. It opens your eyes to information that you could easily overlook. The training program helps you extract the information that you will need to know.

'Worked for Me'

By: John LeMec from Ann Arbor on 8/9/2013
This was BY FAR the best value for money of the two courses I signed up for. Examined the E-gears material and review tests and passed the state test first time; some of the questions on my state test were identical with the course review questions. This company will be the only one I use for future Hazmat tests.

'eGears Hazmat is an invaluable training tool.'

By: James from Indiana, Pa on 8/3/2013
The pricing for these programs, and the real value on the CDL HAZMAT endorsement test is great. This classroom type program is really valuable considering the fact that the added value of having your hazmat is worth makes the price, which is low, and value to be very much worth it. Outside of this course, study the hazmat placard and divisions. this hazmat course is amazing. I studied on Friday, 8/2/13, and Saturday morning, 8/3/13, and got my hazmat about 11am on Saturday, 8/3/13. Just saying, it works. use this program, and you will get your hazmat.

'Good but needs work for California'

By: Captain Asstastic from Ione, Calif. on 7/17/2013
I did pass the first try and this was my only study tool. Didn't even have the DMV book. Our test is a little harder however and maybe e-gears should go off those tests. But I give it a 8 out of ten. Well worth the $10.00. Don't spend the money in the high dollar on-line classes.

'hazmat endorsement test'

By: michael bishop from san antonio tx on 6/11/2013
it helping me out a lot easier then reading the manual it makes more sense

'Hazmat Confidence'

By: tjlamerson from Indianapolis, IN. on 5/12/2013
I was extremely apprehensive about this test, there is so much information that can trip you up if you don't have the proper preparation. I found this simple to use method almost too easy to be real. Some of the questions were rather difficult to research but for the short amount of time I spent with this training I aced the test on the first try. It's the best $10.00 I ever spent. Thank you. tjlamerson

'Truly Informative'

By: Dorothy Wallace from Marietta GA. on 4/23/2013
eGears is truly an informative product that helped me pass the test easily.

'Good study guide! Keeps your attention! '

By: Corbin from Mustang, ok on 4/21/2013
It's hard for me to read a book and keep my mind from wandering, so I looked to egears for help because I knew they would have what I needed. I had already purchased everything needed to study and pass to get my cdl so why not try the hazmat format. I got it and did the interactive classroom, took the egears knowledge test 3 times to better familiarize my self with the information. I passed the first with a 96%, second with a 100% and third with a 90%. I then went to take my test the next morning. Passed the test with a 100%. With the interactive classroom it helped me retain the information better than just reading a book. I would recommend this to anyone!

'100 on the test'

By: Rick from Columbia, TN on 4/16/2013
I've been in school getting my CDL. Decided to go ahead and get the HazMat so I would have that behind me. Read the section of the book and went through the eGears program. Took the test the next morning and didn't miss a single question. The program was very good. Try it.

'eGears HazMat Training Course'

By: Deborah Albarran from Gardena, CA on 4/3/2013
I purchased the course, studied and passed my test 3 days later. It is a great addition to the CDL manual, to ASSIST in studying. But there were questions on the test that were NOT covered in the eGears course. You NEED to study the CDL manual too. All in all, very happy with the course and the price. Well worth it. Thank you eGears!

'It worked for me!!'

By: Jay from Ocoee, FL on 3/13/2013
I studied their material for 6 hours. I kept going over all the questions. Monday morning I went to the drivers license location and passed Hazmat and Tanker. I only missed 2 questions. I am so happy. ND here I come! LoL

'eGears Is A Must Have'

By: Nicholas(DR. poopie) from Riverside,CA on 3/4/2013
very easy to use from the start, real easy learn from, thx E-gears

'good assisting tool'

By: Good assisting Tool from Stephenville, Tx on 2/24/2013
I used the program and had no idea what to expect, I took the training session several times and then the test once and recieved a 100% on the 30 questions. I assumed that was all i needed. I went the next morning and took the test. I did pass with 86% but if I had gotten a book from them and studied it with the data from "eGears" then I may have gotten 100%. All in all though I was extremely happy with the study format and material! I think there can be some improvement, but it is a very useful teaching tool!I would highly recommend it to anyone planning to obtain the endorsement themselves!

'Excellent Prepatory Material'

By: Jerrell Strawn from Vickaburg, Ms on 2/10/2013
Long, tedious, information filled course made bearable by listening to "Phil". The actual test given by my state DOT was 30 questions, of which you had to answer 25 correctly. It had three questions that nobody could ever hope to answer if they prepared for 6-months, let alone one day. So you start out with the possibility of missing two. Pay attention to the question and pay attention to the possible answers. I only missed the three unanswerable questions.

'Gotta Get It'

By: Gotta get it from Clearwater,Fla. on 1/29/2013
Full of the right stuff. Well put together. Money well spent.

'CDL Hazmat Endorsement'

By: Ron from Manhattan, KS on 1/23/2013
This program was very useful for pre test study and was most likely the reason I got 100% on the test.

'HazMat Endorsement '

By: KEN HARRIS from MARYLAND on 1/16/2013

'eGears' HazMat Endorsement Training'

By: Richard Bash from Pendleton, IN on 1/13/2013
I would rate this very high. I studied the material one night and missed passing by one question. All you need to know to get the HazMat endorsement is contained in this material. Thank you, eGears.

'HAZMAT Practice Test'

By: EASY HAZMAT TRAINING from Temple, Texas on 12/24/2012
I enjoy the e-gears method of training! Because e-gears presents the information and then tests you immediately on the information presented, it is easier to retain. Even if you get the question wrong,you get instantaneous feedback on where you went wrong. The e-gears technique is terrific for my style of learning. I have achieved great test scores and when I go test for my endorsements, I do not feel intimidated and I feel confident which allows me to pass easily.

'Wanna be "Trucking"'

By: Fred Haas from Canton, Ohio on 10/16/2012
I ordered this training package and within 24 hours I was at the BMV and passed all the required tests to acquire my CDL learners permit. That easy and no expensive school. I passed my basic, air breaks, combinations, tanker, triples, doubles and hazMat. Thank you eGears. Great help to prepare.

'I passed my CDL HazMat'

By: Marty from Kewanee, IL on 9/26/2012
Excellent training through this program. I would recommend this to the novice or experienced driver.

'Always good'

By: CBC from Fort Worth TX on 8/3/2012
Good testing, make sure you review the other chapters suggested in the CDL Manual.

'Works in PA'

By: MarkfromPA from PA on 7/27/2012
I honestly studied for about three days and took a couple practice tests then passed first try.

'HazMat Endorsement'

By: CBC from Rhome,Texas on 7/16/2012
Studied eGears and took all sample tests IN ADDITION to reading the HAZMAT section in the CDL Manual, I passed the test on first try.

'Egears ....It's your friend and Master CDL'

By: CarlosCuevas from Union City,New Jersey on 7/15/2012
thanks for giving me confidence and success to life and work.

' eGears ! thanks you always my school !'

By: Habana-Cuba from union City, new jersey on 7/12/2012
! God bless www.e-Gears.Com ! quality , nice ,quality

'Hazmat training, Nevada test'

By: Joe from Reno, Nevada on 4/24/2012
I took the hazmat endorsement after reading the book a couple of times and failed by 11 questions. Then I tried taking free online practice tests and failed by one question. My wife, who is an adult education reading teacher, found the EGears study guide and I spent the weekend reviewing the material. The reason I liked these tests, is that when I missed a question, it explained why I missed the question and gave a link back to the material covered so I was able to learn and review more quickly. I took the test today and passed missing only two questions. I was told by DMV, that sometimes it takes people several times to pass this test, and I needed the raise at my job so I did not have the time to repeat the test over and over while working at the same time. If you use the Egears classroom, practice tests, and read the material you have a much better chance at passing this test than studying on your own. For under 10 bucks, you can't go wrong and I'm thankful I had this resource to use.

'Hazmat Training'

By: Stephen northup from Osage, Iowa on 4/14/2012
Easy to read great training materials thank you.

'Good Product'

By: truckun from Indiana on 4/10/2012
This site works great. sat down one night went thru the program and the next morning took the test and passed. Thanks to e-gears i got my endorsement much easier than I would have on my own.

'The Best '

By: Micah S from TOPEKA, KS on 2/26/2012
Helped me pass with a 96% ,85% and 80% on the real tests the first try! THANK YOU eGears! !!!!


By: Dennis Daugherty from Pittsburgh on 2/25/2012
Passed easily with your help,thank you.

'Haz Mat Endorsment Training'

By: Bruce Wildridge from St.Louis MO on 2/24/2012
Excellent information. Sudied for a few days, took the test, passed it first time 100%

'A+ Tests!'

By: Drew S. from Nevada, MO on 2/16/2012
I Used eGears previously for my CDL-Permit with great results, And sure enough they didnt fail me when I needed my HazMat, Used eGears for about 12 hours over 3 days read the entirety took my knowledge test online and passed it 4 times, Went the next morning and passed my Hazmat test with no problems! Definitely would recommend anyone to try it!

'Fabulous Product'

By: Jarvis Stowers from Cumming, GA on 2/12/2012
This is a great tool to enhance your testing skills. The small amount of money paid for the product will be recouped on your first hazmat load.

'Only way to go'

By: Alan from Little Rock, AR on 2/7/2012
I did not even look a the book just did the eGears training and passed.

'A breeze'

By: Happy trucker from Cedar Rapids, IA on 2/5/2012
Ordered the Haz-Mat training course on Thursday. Studied about 1/2 on Thursday evening, an hour Friday evening, took exam at DOT testing site on Saturday morning and passed easily.

'I passsed!!!!!! wahoo'

By: Ed from new mexico on 1/21/2012
I took your hazmat course Sunday and passed the dmv test monday. I will see you again in four years on my hazmat renewal. thank you

'Great HazMat Course'

By: G.T. from medford oregon on 1/7/2012
This HazMat practice test is the best course you can buy.thank you eGears

'HazMat endorsement'

By: Chuck from Wilton, NY on 11/14/2011
Bought the online program on Thursday, studied and took two online tests past both after just one session and took the NYS test today Monday and passed on the first try.

'eGears is the best '

By: Paul Cooper from Greenville, MI on 2/18/2011
eGears has helped me a lot and made sure I was ready for any test I was going to take. Great refresher in any case.

'Nearly every question was on test'

By: Jason from Wichita, Kansas on 12/21/2010
I only missed 3 questions on the HazMat test, and that's because it was 7:00 in the morning and I was half asleep! eGear is awesome, literally almost every questions that was in the training guides was on the test at the DMV. Awesome A++++

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