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School Bus PreTrip Inspection

One of the biggest hurdles for someone to become a school bus driver is getting a Class B CDL. After passing the CDL permit tests, a would-be bus driver must then pass the required CDL pre-trip inspection and skills test. The CDL pre-trip inspection for a school bus can be complicated due to its mechanical nature and the number of items to be reviewed. What’s a tie rod? Where are the spring mounts? Do the belts have too much deflection? These are all items and conditions that must be identified during the CDL pre-trip inspection. Most school bus drivers are not mechanics. Trying to learn how to identify these items from the CDL manual can be a frustrating experience. Failure to identify the proper items can cause you to fail the pre-trip inspection, costing you both time and money. eGears offers a variety of training aids for the pre-trip inspection including videos and printable guides.

School Bus Pre-Trip Inspection Training Videos

Training For The School Bus Pre-Trip

Type C "Conventional" Bus Pre-Trip Inspection Video Training

Watch the CDL pre-trip inspection online.  No special software to download! Purchase a 60-day subscription to the online video training to learn how to pass the CDL pre-trip. The school bus used in this pre-trip inspection is a Type 'C' conventional bus.  This is the standard school bus used in many rural school districts across the US.  The Type 'C' school bus has front engine mounted beneath the front hood.  Whether you are taking your test using a Type 'C' or a Type 'D' bus, the items to be inspected are the same, but their location on the bus may be different. This online video course walks you through the proper inspection routine and describes each item that must be identified and inspected. Helpful tips appear onscreen to further guide you through the inspection process.

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Type D "Diesel Pusher" Bus Pre-Trip Inspection Video Training

This Type 'D' school bus features a rear-mounted engine. These models are commonly known as 'diesel pushers' due to the location of the engine. Type 'D' buses are widely used in urban and suburban school districts where city streets and subdivisions have tighter turning space. The online video training will walk you step-by-step through the inspection process noting the items to be inspected and their condition. If you will be testing with a Type 'D', sign up for a 60-day subscription to our online video training for the pre-trip inspection on a Type 'D' school bus.

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School Bus Driver Training Also Available on DVD

School Bus Inspection DVD Designed for school districts to save time and money when training new school bus drivers.  This DVD contains both Type 'C' and Type 'D' bus pre-trip inspections.  The user friendly DVD menu system let's the bus driver choose which bus type to watch.  Watch the entire pre-trip demonstration or use the menu to review specific sections of the pretrip inspection.  Save time and money! Spend valuable training hours teaching driver trainees how to drive the bus. No more wasted time observing driver trainees struggle through the pre-trip. This DVD will train your drivers how to do a CDL pre-trip inspection more efficiently. Order a copy of the Pre-Trip Inspection DVD for your school district.